Nigel Patrick Mottram Artist

Artist’s Statement: Nigel Patrick Mottram
In process and content my paintings explore interrelationship between creation and destruction, chaos and order. These themes play out in layers of physical, psychological and social references in the final work: I am fascinated by the human traces referenced in urban waste ground and industrial dereliction.
• The first layer draws upon memories of Liverpool in the aftermath of the Second World War. I searched through layers of rubble, shards of rusty metal and shattered bricks on bombsites to discover what lay beneath. Memories of this are evoked in the sense of discovery/uncovery, which continues in my artistic process as imagery emerges in the process of painting,
• The second layer addresses themes of physical isolation and emotional alienation.
• The third layer references symbols of scapegoats and hero figures who survive destructive processes.
• The fourth layer articulates a search for self-expression and exploration of the complexities of masculinity identity in 21st Century.

Nigel Mottram can be contacted on 07794489994

The Works of Nigel Patrick Mottram 


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